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About InHouse Group

InHouse Group is a modern family business in the interior design industry. InHouse Group has a large assortment of rugs, carpets, wallpaper, textiles and other flooring products.

Furthermore, InHouse Group is the distributor of Owatrol. The company is strongly rooted in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, through its sales companies, who have the local knowledge of the marketplace. This ensures optimal service and support in each country – to the individual customer. Thus, InHouse Group is a supplier to leading customers in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


Objectives and values

The objective of InHouse Group is to run a healthy and profitable business – “with the customer in mind”, which is based on a close collaboration with reliable and professional manufacturers and suppliers. We aim to develop a close collaboration with our customers and provide – where it’s possible – a real partnership, focusing on providing expertise to the value chain that can create competitive advantages.

Responsible, Ambitious, Loyal, Competent, Value Creation

These five values are the foundation of our business – and our operations – every day.



For our customer, we want to make the experience simple, easy, flexible and at the right price. We are going to add competence to the value chain, which for us means high quality, maximum service and with a focus on the customer.

We want to be the innovative partner, the solution-oriented partner for our customers and suppliers. We want to make a difference, and create long term solutions and relationships – which creates growth and value.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

CSR – Corporate social responsibility – is a term that’s popular these days. At InHouse Group, CSR has always been an important part of our identity and strategy. Therefore, InHouse Group has always found it important to treat our employees with respect, by giving them the opportunity to improve their everyday life and life in general. Based on this came the idea of a school project that offers free schooling to the children of our weavers, in order to secure their families long term through education and development. We want to actively contribute to safety and social welfare for our weavers and their families.

SA 8000

Child labor can occur in countries where InHouse Group products are being manufactured. InHouse Group does not accept child labor at our suppliers or their sub-suppliers. We also conduct frequent checks with our manufacturers to make sure that the work environment, working hours, and wages are complied with. InHouse Group uses the SA 8000 certification in this effort.


InHouse Group School Project

In April 2010, chairman and owner Erik Brennmoen opened a school on the outskirts of Bhadohi in India. For the village, the school does not only mean employment, but also a future for the children. The school is built together with our longtime collaborator Indian Art Gallery. During the school’s first year, nearly 400 students attended the school. We want to actively contribute to the safety and social welfare for the weavers and their families.


470 students graduated last year | 12 classrooms, 2 offices etc. | 4000 m2 land / 1600 m2 buildings | Ages 3 to 15 years old | 15 teachers of a total of 19 employees

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InHouse Group AS is located in Hellenvegen 15, 2022 Gjerdrum – only 20 minutes drive from Oslo Airport, Gardermoen